Saturday, May 20, 2006

Murphy and Satan

So, Murphy must LOVE me....He's been getting me since 1800 I was born. Most definately while Steven is away. And Satan, well he's invaded my kids..AGAIN..

Let's go back...The first time Steven ever deployed/tdy..who knows?? anywho..I got acquainted very well with Mr. Murphy. It all happened in ONE DAY...First thing...The cat brought a BIRD into my house...I.HATE.BIRDS. really watch this movie and you too wll hate birds...So, not only was it a BIRD it was ALIVE and IN.MY.HOUSE. One of my friends had to come over and GET.IT.OUT.

Next, Kat (who was about 6 or 7) at the time went into the freezer to sneak out ice cream and left it open. I lost about $200 worth of meat and food...about a week or so before payday..when EVERYONE in the military knows you are BROKE.

Finally, our DOG, a husky got out running, all at the same time, with everything going on I couldn't run after her...well Katherine did..with ONLY panties on--DOWN the block...thank goodness for friends..

AFTER STEVEN PROMISED said he'd try not to be gone that long again (big laugh here)..I said OK...

He's gone here's how it's developed so far...

SATAN AND MURPHY have gotten together...

Murphy is working on me..Satan the kids...

First off, my computer went out, well off the internet the other day..I did everything I could...the phone company said it was my wireless modem..I bought a new one...still couldn't get it to work...had a friend come look..he couldn't get it to work...said it was my modem..went and bought a new one..couldn't get it to work...called tech support..ONE HOUR AND A HALF on the phone with them...they had no clue..they were sending someone..called back 3 minutes later...asked my username/pass to get into THEIR system..THEY had changed it..took everything back..gave the guy at the phone company counter the "evil eye". Oh yeah, did I mentioned I moved the WHOLE DAMN computer, desk and all into the living room??? NOW the speakers won't work.

AND SATAN, well as usual..when steven's away he sneaks in and borrows the kids...

first Katherine..she's 23 11 and OH.MY.GOOD.LORD the attitude on that child...doesn't want to do her chores, talks back, and sister asks "Is she going to start soon??" Lord if this is what I have to look forward too..I'm buying stock in THIS company.

Lizzie..well she's just Lizzie..does what she wants no matter what I far she's lost MY ID card, and keeps getting into makeup...I've beat her no less than 3 times yesterday FOR.THE.SAME.THING. did it stop her?? for about 10 minutes (maybe???)


Connnor...he has recently found his male part, and oh boy does he love that male part...won't keep his diaper on...whenever anyone comes to the door I have to stand so noone can see case he's holding himself..he even tries to touch it THROUGH the diaper when I DUCT tape that sucker on. Now, not that bad huh??? NO, but he also gets into EVERYTHING...short of putting a lock and key on the cabinets, refrigerator, dryer, closets..I just have to keep a CLOSE eye on him..AND he still finds ways to get in.

ONLY 9 more weeks till Steven's home, then I'm checking into rehab....really.

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