Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chinese Freeze Tag.

Toni tagged here goes...

I’ll write 10 (hopefully) interesting facts about me and/or habits of mine.
- I’ll tag 10 people.
- If you’ve been tagged, you do your own list and tag 10 more people. (”No tag backs.”)

1. I love animals..(almost all of them)and think my house isn't complete until we have at least 2 or 3.

2. I read books A LOT...I can read a normal sized book in a day.

3. I hate hate hate (have I said HATE yet??) Birds..can't stand em..watched Hitchcock's movie 'The Birds' when I was younger and well that did it for me.

4. Sometimes I feel like I can't do anything right and that noone likes me.

5. I graduated high school in England, and now my high school's a psychiatric shit..

6. Most of the time I don't like chocolate..I have to be in the mood to actually eat it.

7. I seem very self assured but I have a low self confidence.

8. I don't like psychiatrists or psychologists but that's my major.

9. I am addicted to internet shopping..seriously addicted.

10. Momma say's it's never boring when I'm around..(apparently I'm a hell raiser..go figure)

Ok ten people to tag?? I don't think that many read this blog..but hey if you want to do it..go for it.


Toni said...

You are going to force me to be serious, aren't you???

1.) #2- Good Lord- I know you do- you always have!
2.)#4 & 7- You should be at a point in your life where you have self confidence and not feel this way. I wish I could do more to help you!(No- taking your kids for the summer WON'T help- but nice try!)
3.) #8- what the F???
4.) #10- VERY TRUE!!

Thanks for playing!

Mike said...

You don't like chocolate? Hmm. If ever somebody gives you some, send it over here. :)


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Damn! Mike beat me to it...I was going to say send that chocolate over this way! ;)

And I get to feeling like your #$ VERY often too!