Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tales of a Teenage Drama Queen.

Gotta love em when they are teenagers, I tell you...Ok sometimes not..but we are supposed too..

I have the ORIGINAL drama queen my friends...12 years old and a drama queen..so much so today she accused me of *child abuse*..Yes I am an Abuser...at least if an abuser does such things like:

~~ expect her to do her chores..and the *gasp* first time I ask

~~ expect her to do her homework.

~~ expect her not to talk back...

~~ expect no lying and stealing.

~~ expect well nothing else..gosh she's right I am sooooo mean..probably deserve that mean mother award...Toni you can sent that over anytime you want.

So, what may you ask preceded this *child abuse* charge. Well...she actually went to school and cried and told the teachers I slap her and pull her hair...

BUT WAIT she told two different teachers two entirely different stories. OH yes...HELLO rule number one..stick to one story....

Anyhow there I was called and told I had to go to family advocacy..(again...) and I called family advocacy and told them straight up.."If I couldn't discipline my daughter and she could throw around any old accusation then I was packing her shit and bringing her to them..." Yes I DID..

Did I make her pack her bag: Your damn tootin I did...this is a power struggle if SHE thinks she is going to win..she is sadly mistaken..

What happened at family advocacy you ask??? Well, he (the counselor) got that she was a drama queen and basically said I had to not help her with her drama..blah, blah, blah..and that he felt she was a difficult child...I wanted to say "you think????"

Then he brought both of us together and basically told her I was the mother and she was the child...PERIOD.FINITO.END OF SENTENCE and she needed to listen to what I said and do what I told her too.

VINDICATION is so sweet my bloggy friends...

Confession time here: I soooo want to pull her hair and slap her so she knows what it feels like though..but instead I'll go take a HOT bath and eat a candy bar.


Jen said...

Okay. You can send her home to me. I know that when I'm done with her, she will be a meek child that wants her mommy! Do you remember that summer I stayed with you? She was a different child then too! Lovies!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Yikes...that IS a lot of drama, isn't it? You need TWO candy bars for all that!

P.S. - Has it been that long since I stopped by and visited??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look! ;)

Judy said...

I don't know if it will help any, but you WILL both get through this. I've had three drama queens and they lived through it (though there were times I wasn't sure they would!) Now we get along great. They are some of my best friends. So... hang in there and just keep loving her (even when you want to kill her). :-)