Thursday, May 17, 2007

To Make or Not to Make that is the Question?

Another post about Katherine..anyone seeing a pattern here???

See she is in Civil Air Patrol and doesn't really want to do it anymore...I'm not actually sure she wanted to do it in the first place...I think her father did and she wanted to make daddy happy.

I asked her her reasons for not wanting to do it and they were:

1) Daddy's not sense in it.

2) I can't have pink hair...(oh yeah that was a selling point for me)

3) But MOMMMMMMMM.....

So, here the question became...

Is it because there really aren't any girls in's all boys..

Do you not want to do it because you...gasp....have to run and be active?

Do you not want to do it because you have to study for tests....(and we ALL know school isn't her strong suit)

Do you not want to do it because you'd rather laze around the house???

Now, we know me I'm all about not taking her...I don't have to go to the place (about 30 minutes away) and stay there for 2 1/2 hours finding something for the younger ones to do while waiting on her. Heck, I'd rather stay home and clean watch TV also....but she did promise her father a year..and it hasn't been that..

Oh what to do ....what to do.....


Toni said...

If she made a promise for a year- stick to it. You are teaching her something here!

Mike said...

Love #1. Have a great day.


Jen said...

OMG...she is soooo like you it's not funny! Not only does she look just like you, she acts just like you too! I would make her stick with it! I know that there are no other girls in it, but think about how much she would learn about perseverance. I know she doesn't want to go, and you do have the DVD in the van, so just take a new movie for the kids every time you take her. That could be something they can look forward to. Otherwise, I am out of ideas, as I have no clue what there is to do there!

Anonymous said...

she should respect here promise. At her age, it's important to know/learn what a commitment is and understand that when you make a promise to some one you care about, you MUST keep it. Aditionally, she may find at the endof the year, that having progressed through the CAP program, gained leadership experience and responsibility and become a leader she might like it a lot more. Besides, SHe is at an age where she will soon know the advantages of being the only girl, and one who is respected by the boys around her. BOys, that are committed to something very good. If she quits, she should have something else she wants to do that is comparable, else, "idle hands are the devils....etc." I'm a grandfather, father and CAP Lt. Col with 25+ years experience and have seen how much good thei program can do and how much fun they can have.

toni said...

I personally would insist she honor the 1 year commitment, as you will be teaching her that integrity is measured by how our words and actions align (or fail to). I would do this with an ear of understanding though, being empathetic to her reasons and perhaps giving her a few examples from your own life where it was important for you to honor a commitment in spite of not really preferring to do so.

Also, alot can change in a year. She could might find, to her surprise, that she will want to continue beyond that year. If not, that would be okay too. But she would have the "stick to it" experience and the satisfaction of knowing she followed through on her promise. That does develop character. Just my 2½ cents worth.
(who pronounces it "tuh-MAE-to").