Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Curse

You know the one I'm talking about...The one every mother gives to their offspring when we are being exceptionally bad...

'I hope you have one just like you'

See, I knew my mother was a witch for a long time..it wasn't just the evil eye, the seeing what I was doing around corners, the way she was able to look at me when I came in and know I had been up to something. It was her ability to turn her head around three times and puke green (oh wait that may have been the excorcist...anyways...)

Her curse has come true..according to her at least..

She says Kat gets her mouth and attitude from me..I don't remember being this mouthy when I was younger..I'm sure IF I had I would've been knocked into next week -- or my teeth would've been knocked out of my head.

She says I didn't like to clean either..but I did..oh did I...again..If I was as lazy as her I would've been knocked clear into next week..(do we see a pattern emerging here?) Heck I don't like to clean now but it's not like I ask her to do much..a little cleaning every day..goes a long way..

As for Lizzie and Connor..if that was anyone's curse it was Steven's...I was NEVER that bad..I'm telling you...

Anyhow...how's that curse working out for you?


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Thanks for reminding me of that curse...my Peanut Mom DID curse me with that very same one MANY times in my Peanut Princess years.

I'm sure, if I'd have had a kid, they would've been a little terror!!!

I honestly never thought I was all that bad of a kid until years later, my Aunt came up to me and said "You know, you turned out to be a pretty decent adult considering you were such a spoiled brat as a kid."

Family....gotta love 'em.

Right? Right???? ;)

Toni said...

Yep- My mother tried to curse me- but I had boys so I'm in the free and clear! haha!

Jen said...

Yeah...I got cursed too! But it didn't work...I got one of my sisters' badness instead...lol. As for the boy...he's pretty good, except he "lost" mommy's glasses, so I'm sitting here in my sunglasses typing and hurting.